Budget-style tax prep

There are numerous tax prep solutions available for those who want a little help filing without having to turn to an actual accountant. Each one has benefits and pitfalls. In the case of CompleteTax, the benefit is that it offers the most options for filing without paying a dime. Of course, you are going to have to sacrifice something, and in this case it's any user-friendly, clear, or detailed instructions.

But more on that shortly. First, there are some important things to note if you're keeping an eye on your wallet. For one, CompleteTax provides three ways to … Read more

MacFixIt Answers

MacFixIt Answers is a feature in which we answer questions e-mailed from our readers. This week, we have questions about old e-mail addresses still being used in Mail's address auto-completion, battery calibration behavior in MacBook Pro systems, printer queue accidentally removed from the Dock, and a commend on another useful utility that tracks file system changes.

Question: Old e-mail addresses still being used in Mail's address auto-completion

MacFixIt reader "Charles" asks:

I have a problem with Mail/Address Book. When my friends change their e-mail address, the old address remains in my system. When I send … Read more

Automation, partnerships drive Webroot revamp

Security suite maker Webroot, best known for its Spy Sweeper program, on Monday finally released the long-delayed upgrades to to its PC security programs, updating its line in a bid to make it more competitive and relevant in an increasingly crowded security field. Webroot also introduced a new program, Internet Security Complete 2011, which provides tools that go far beyond basic threat detection and removal.

The programs offer multiple levels of protection. The simplest is Webroot Spy Sweeper, which focuses on spyware detection and removal. Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper is analogous to basic programs like Norton Antivirus and combines … Read more

Buggy downloader

Complete Website Downloader sounds like a useful tool. It promises to download Web sites for offline viewing, which saves you money if you pay for Internet access by the minute. You can also use it to browse Web pages when traveling. Unfortunately, the program doesn't work too well.

The program's interface is plain and fairly intuitive, with large buttons for major features. It all seems simple enough: Select a Web site and click Start. The program downloads all of the files on the site. We weren't quite sure how well this would work with larger Web sites, … Read more

Simple small business accounting

Cashbook Complete Accounting can help manage your company's finances. It can handle most any bookkeeping task. It will manage incoming and outgoing expenses, employee timesheets, list of contacts, and invoices for projects and jobs. You can also use it to run and print invoices, balance sheets, and profit and loss reports, and e-mail them to your customers or export them to financial-planning software. It will manage your company's bank accounts and even import data from your bank. There's a built-in backup utility, too.

Cashbook Complete Accounting is a good accounting solution for small- to medium-size companies. The … Read more

Detailed numerological profiles

MB Complete Numerology Software gives users a comprehensive numerological reading. Although the results are thorough, some features of the program don't seem to work.

Like other programs from Mystic Board, the program's first screen is cluttered with advertisements for the publisher. Past that, users are asked to choose between Numerology Pro and the Numerology Pro Dictionary. There's no indication of what's contained in either of these. Proceeding to Numerology Pro allows users to enter their birth dates and then view 22 different aspects of their numerological profile, such as their Birthday Number, Karmic Lessons Number, Heart'… Read more

Gmail mobile gets keypad shortcuts, auto-complete

On Wednesday Google released two small but important updates to the mobile version of Gmail. New to the service are keyboard shortcuts and address auto-completion; two time-saving features that desktop Gmail users have been enjoying for years.

The keyboard shortcuts (obviously) do not work on the iPhone. For now, Google is limiting them to Android phones with a physical keyboard. These are exactly the same as on the desktop version, so you don't need to re-learn anything.

The auto-completion, on the other hand, is available to everyone and is quite a time saver. It begins pulling up names from … Read more

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