The 404 1,330: Where all your base are still belong to us (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Police: 8-year-old shoots, kills elderly caregiver after playing video game.

- Xbox 360, 3DS lead disappointing July for game business.

- New York Videogame Critics Circle.

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Xbox 360, 3DS lead disappointing July for game business

Despite victories for the Xbox 360 and 3DS, the gaming business had one rough July.

Total physical game sales, which includes hardware, disc-based software, and accessories, hit only $443 million in the U.S. in July, research firm NPD has revealed. That figure is down 19 percent compared to the same period last year. Hardware sales topped out at an abysmal $99.4 million, while software could only muster $222.3 million in sales.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the top-selling console last month, reaching 107,000 units sold during the period. It was the 31st-consecutive month the Xbox 360 … Read more

Nintendo's $30.2M infringement damages cut in half

Nintendo might end up paying less than expected for a patent infringement case.

U.S. Federal Judge Jed Rakoff ruled in a New York court on Wednesday that the company should only be forced to pay $15.1 million in damages to Seijiro Tomita, instead of the $30.2 million the man was originally awarded. If Tomita doesn't accept the new deal, he'll be forced to try his luck in a new damages trial and potentially risk getting nothing.

Tomita hit Nintendo with a lawsuit in 2011, alleging that the game-maker violated a patent he owns related to … Read more

Nintendo offers 3DS XL refurbs for $169.99

Nintendo is offering a sweet deal on 3DS XL units for those who don't mind a refurbished product.

The company is now selling refurbished 3DS XLs for $169.99 on its official online store. Nintendo previously offered refurbished 3DS units, which are still available for $119.99.

According to Nintendo, the 3DS XLs are authentic refurbished and have been "cleaned, tested, and inspected." All of the products it sells come with its standard one-year warranty.

Customers looking to buy a 3DS XL with an included 16GB SD card will need to pay $179.99. Nintendo is offering … Read more

Nintendo sold 160K Wii U units worldwide last quarter

To say that Nintendo's Wii U had a troubling fiscal first quarter might be an understatement.

The game company on Wednesday announced that during that period during April, May, and June , it sold only 160,000 Wii U units worldwide, bringing its grand total since its launch last year to just 3.6 million units sold. During the three-month period, Nintendo sold just a little over 1 million software units globally.

Each month, research firm NPD releases market data on the U.S. gaming market, and although it doesn't announce console unit sales figures, it's been clear … Read more

New Nexus 7 tablet hits stores early

CNET Update is collecting Miis:

In this episode of Update:

- Compare the new Nexus 7 to the old and read the review, because the updated tablet is on sale earlier than expected.

- Pay no down payment on a new phone at T-Mobile during its summer promotion.

- See how an update to the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Mii Plaza offers a glimpse into the future of mobile gaming.

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Mii Plaza games give a glimpse of Nintendo's possible pivot to mobile

Let's imagine Nintendo were to enter the world of mobile phone game development. What sorts of games would it make? Would social and physical activity be a part of the game?

You don't have to wait around to see such a game right now: Nintendo has stealthily released four of them on the Nintendo 3DS, but buried them in a place few people tend to check. And along with Animal Crossing, they represent a more mobile-oriented game approach than you'd expect.

When I say "mobile-oriented," here's what I mean: these games actually require you … Read more

Xbox One scores high number of preorders

The Xbox One is apparently a hit even before it officially launches.

Preorders for the Xbox One have surpassed those for the Xbox 360 during its prelaunch months, Microsoft announced Thursday. The upcoming console has sold out in preorder status at most of its major retailers in the U.S., the company added.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 continues to heat up sales.

For the 30th month in a row, the Xbox 360 was the top-selling home console in the United States last month with consumers snagging more than 140,000 units. Total spending on the Xbox 360 including hardware, software, … Read more

Portable gaming revisited: The 3DS and Vita matter, but for different reasons

The 3DS hits its stride We have a rule: if a game platform has 10 good games, it's worth getting if it's affordable. That "rule of 10" means the Nintendo 3DS is finally worth investing in, if you care about great portable Nintendo games. The game library's filled out at last, and it's now, without a doubt, the best Nintendo platform of the moment. Game for game, it might even be the most impressive platform so far in 2013.… Read more

Here's why Nvidia's $299 Shield gaming handheld is a steal

My gut reaction to seeing the $299 price tag of Nvidia's Shield gaming handheld: way overpriced.

And that was after Nvidia cut the price of the Android-powered device -- which will be available June 27 -- by $50 on Thursday.

But in reality, the Shield may end up being a relative bargain for folks who want a dedicated gaming device. It comes down to the video games available on Android. Many are free, or cost 99 cents. An "expensive" game would run you $10.

Now compare that with the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. An average 3DS … Read more