Use your browser for cross-platform instant messaging

Instant messaging may not be the communications dynamo it was a few years ago, but it's still and fast and easy way to connect with friends, family members, and coworkers.

Indeed, I've relied on it for ages to chat with busy editors, and I especially love being able to review message histories to recall what was discussed and when. It's also a great way to reach the tech-support guy who handles my Web hosting -- no waiting indefinitely for an email reply (which is especially important when email is not working).

Just one problem: Different people use … Read more

Change this LinkedIn setting before starting your job search

If you are on LinkedIn, then you undoubtedly get those emails that implore you to "Congratulate so-and-so on the new job." Did you know that a simple change to your profile can result in LinkedIn -- like a proud but overeager parent -- broadcasting the news to all of your LinkedIn contacts as if you landed a new job?

Donna Sapolin, writing for Forbes, discovered that tinkering with your LinkedIn profile can lead to embarrassment when starting a job search. She changed her Professional Headline -- the title below your name on LinkedIn -- and suddenly was bombarded … Read more

Share boatloads of iPhone photos, videos with WeTransfer

There are a number of ways -- e-mail, text, iCloud, Photo Stream, Dropbox, and social networking to name a handful of popular options -- to share iPhone photos. There are also a number of ways -- email, text, iCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and social networking to name a few -- to share iPhone videos. There may not be an easier way, however, to share a greater number of photos and videos than WeTransfer.

WeTransfer has been around for a number of years as a desktop Web app for transferring large files, and yesterday it released a WeTransfer app for iOS (an … Read more

Spot and avoid the latest online scams

Netflix users are receiving bogus e-mails telling them their account has been suspended and instructing them to call a toll-free number to regain access. The fake Netflix/Microsoft support person tricks them into giving the criminal access to their computer, as Techlicious's Fox Van Allen explains.

Not only is their personal information stolen, the victims are blackmailed into paying the crooks $400 to "fix" the problem.

Here's the real solution: Don't ever click a link in an e-mail message. Instead, open your browser and enter the URL in the address field manually. You just can'… Read more

How to open iCloud tabs in Chrome, Firefox on a Mac

One of the issues with using Safari on an iOS device and using Chrome or Firefox on a Mac is the inability to sync open browser tabs. Safari uses iCloud to keep track of open tabs on all of your Apple devices, but those tabs aren't accessible in third-party browsers. And of course you can't access third-party tabs in Safari. So what's a person supposed to do?

Well, as MacStories points out, a person should download a free OS X app called CloudyTabs.

With CloudyTabs installed, you can now access your iCloud tabs on a Mac and … Read more

Drag to resize YouTube videos with Youtube Resize

When you visit YouTube and hit play on a video, the video player offers Small, Medium, and Large size options. You can select either the small or large player, or go full-screen. With the Youtube Resize extension for Chrome or Firefox, you can drag to resize the video player to any size you'd like. It's helpful if you have a particular video player size preference for your particular display that falls outside of YouTube's three options.

You'll notice that with the extension enabled, when you mouse over YouTube's video player, the cursor turns into a … Read more

Shorten, track URLs on Android with Google URL Shortener

Google has long provided the URL shortening service goo.gl. Users are able to log in to the site, paste a long URL and have it shortened by Google. On top of the URL being share friendly, Google would also provide analytics detailing who is actually clicking on the link.

Early this week Google released an Android app for the service, taking link shrinking and tracking mobile.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

There are plenty of options for link shortening, with most social networks doing this on your behalf, but by … Read more

Use Glossed.it to save interesting sentences on the Web

There are quite a few options for saving the content you read on the Web. The issue with many of them is that they can become overcomplicated in their attempts to help you. Glossed.it is a Web tool that will let you save just the sentences that really strike you as interesting.

To use the service, you will need to sign up on the Web site: Glossed.it. Once you're signed in, just drag the provided bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar.

Now head off to read some of your favorite stuff online. See an interesting sentence you … Read more

Open links and search text faster in Firefox with Super Drag

There are keyboard shortcut people, and there are mouse and touch-pad people. If the latter describes you and you use Firefox to browse the Web, the Super Drag extension might be of interest. It lets you drag and drop links, text, and images you encounter online to open them in a new tab.

Super Drag installs and does not require you to restart Firefox. With the extension enabled, it lets you drag a link, text, or an image and opens a small menu panel where you can choose how to open whatever it is you are dragging. For a link, … Read more

Clean up the look of Gmail with Gmelius

Gmail is just about the perfect e-mail client. Quite frankly, I can't imagine my life without it. (Well, I can but don't want to because it involves my old Hotmail account.) As time goes by, however, Google tweaks the look and feel of Gmail, adding new features while removing or changing others. If you'd like to have some say about how your Gmail experience goes, Gmelius is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera which lets you customize what elements show up on Gmail and where.

Gmelius has been around for a couple of years, but … Read more