How to delete your Facebook search history

Each time you look for a friend, business, or personality on Facebook, it gets saved to your search history. Supposedly, this makes it easier for you to find what you were looking for later without much work. Unfortunately, the search history might be cluttered with queries that don't require quick access -- like someone you've already become friends with, a brand you're already following.

If you want to limit some of the information Facebook is keeping about you, or just tidy up the list, it's just a few clicks away. Here's how to get started:… Read more

Star Apps: Rising Stars

Maximo Park: Lukas Wooller

British alternative rock band Maximo Park just released its fifth studio album (and follow-up to 2012's critically acclaimed "The National Health") "Too Much Information" on February 3. Synth-driven single "Leave This Island" is already burning up my iTunes.

The new album is called "Too Much Information." Are you implying that we're just bombarded with info via our computers and smartphones all day? Yeah, that's definitely a part of it. Being in the music industry, we became quite aware of people's attention becoming so much … Read more

Star Apps: Tara Summers

Tara Summers, the daughter of socialite and British Vogue editor Nona Summers and gallerist Martin Summers, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She had her first taste of success in the UK with an autobiographical play, "Gypsy of Chelsea," about her childhood with a socialite mother who counted numerous celebrities as personal friends. In the US, the actress first gained attention with a two-year turn on "Boston Legal." Now she hopes to find greater fame co-starring with Greg Kinnear on the new Fox series "Rake", Thursdays at 9 (8 central). Prior … Read more

Star Apps: David Alan Basche

Baby, it's cold outside, but it's much warmer now than when I talked to "The Exes" star David Alan Basche, best known for playing uptight, neurotic Stuart Gardner for the last three seasons of the hit TV Land series. It was a frigid 3 degrees (according to Basche's Weather Channel app) when he called from New York, where he lives with his wife and daughter. We talked about his favorite apps, how he's similar to his TV character, how his Shakespearean training helps on the TV Land set, and the important lesson he learned … Read more

Star Apps: Matt Sorum

When I told friends that I was interviewing in-demand drummer Matt Sorum, I kept getting the same response: "Find out what he's actually like." The stick master is best known for keeping the beat for the Cult, Guns N' Roses, and Velvet Revolver, but he shows his softer side on his second solo album, "Stratosphere," out February 25 under the moniker Matt Sorum's Fierce Joy. The follow-up to 2004's "Hollywood Zen" is a highly personal, orchestrated acoustic album. Sorum writes about the important things in life, like family and environmental and … Read more

Star Apps: Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks' sixth release, "Wig Out at Jagbags," was worked out "on a computer on someone else's table in someone else's apartment" in Berlin and a studio in rural Belgium, but it sounds as casual, lived in, and American as a vintage Polo sweater. Grab the album (iTunes/Amazon) on January 7, and get tickets (Live Nation, StubHub, eSeats) for their upcoming U.S. tour, which kicks off February 12 in Denver. caught up with the indie rockfather, following his return to the U.S., while he was out … Read more

Star Apps: Jacqueline M. Wood

Imagine spending the winter globetrotting to such exotic locales as Mykonos, St. Tropez, Marrakech, and Ibiza and partying with the likes of Stephanie Pratt from "The Hills," model Elisabetta Canalis, and rapper Tinie Tempah, among a host of local insiders.

This season your champagne wishes and Hvar dreams will finally be realized, guided by travel connoisseur and "Bold and the Beautiful" soap star Jacqueline M. Wood on new series "Party On," which showcases the most exclusive party destinations around the globe. Audience members won't feel left out, since the interactive series encourages plenty … Read more

Apple issues Mail update for OS X Mavericks

Apple has issued an update for its Mail e-mail client program in OS X Mavericks. The update addresses a number of outstanding bugs that have been affecting users who have installed the new OS, specifically involving managing messages in Gmail accounts. In addition, the update fixes problems with inaccurate unread message counts.

This update is likely a welcome one for those experiencing these problems, but Apple does issue a few words of caution for those who are eager to install the update.

First, as with any software update, Apple recommends you make a full backup of your system, preferably using … Read more

Star Apps: Mickey Hart

As the house band for author and counter-culture icon Ken Kesey's notorious acid tests, the Grateful Dead made music perfectly suited for mind-bending exploration. With the Mickey Hart Band, the Dead's longtime drummer and Grammy-winning percussionist Mickey Hart continues this fantastic voyage of discovery with his new album, "Superorganism," on which he transforms actual brain waves into music, with the aim of better understanding our brains, ourselves, and the world around us. chatted with Hart, between tour dates, about turning brain waves into music therapy on "Superorganism," file sharing, whether spirituality and … Read more

Nissan smartwatch links car and driver

The link between man and machine drove car enthusiasts for decades, unwitting adherents to Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto, yet until now that link lacked coherence. Nissan's Nismo smartwatch takes the first step in using technology to quantify the connection between car and driver.

Smartwatches have only gained momentum in the last couple of years, and Nissan is first to jump on the bandwagon, today announcing its Nismo Watch concept.

The watch is designed for drivers of Nissan Nismo model variants, currently encompassing the 370Z, Juke, and upcoming GT-R. Photos Nissan released ahead of the unveil at the Frankfurt auto … Read more