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10 apps to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Whether you're hosting your first Thanksgiving or are an old [chef's] hat, entertaining on T-Day is often fraught with fires, both literal and figurative. What should you prepare? Which wine should you serve? How should you get the word out? What are some good conversation topics? Which games can you play to de-stress, and how can you keep tabs on the big games during the big feast?

OK, we sense your anxiety. But before you grab another Xanax and call your mother or mother-in-law for cooking advice, try out these 10 lightweight, highly rated apps, guaranteed to keep … Read more

Apple issues Mail update for OS X Mavericks

Apple has issued an update for its Mail e-mail client program in OS X Mavericks. The update addresses a number of outstanding bugs that have been affecting users who have installed the new OS, specifically involving managing messages in Gmail accounts. In addition, the update fixes problems with inaccurate unread message counts.

This update is likely a welcome one for those experiencing these problems, but Apple does issue a few words of caution for those who are eager to install the update.

First, as with any software update, Apple recommends you make a full backup of your system, preferably using … Read more

Tab overload slowing you down? Speed up your browsing with TGS for Chrome

Tab browsing is an amazing tool for multitaskers and ADHD-prone Web surfers everywhere. But one of the most annoying things about using Google Chrome's tab feature is the massive amount of resources it sucks up. Even though we love the idea of multiple tabs, chances are we aren't looking at every one of them at the same time. And because Chrome opens every new tab as a separate process, your system is left with very little memory for anything else. The Great Suspender, a Chrome extension, aims to solve this problem by putting on hold the tabs you … Read more

Callism wants to change the way you make phone calls

The App Store has no shortage of Phone applications. From Skype to Viber to WhatsApp, and even Line, there are many ways to make a voice call. But all of these services each promote their own third-party services over the regular calling and messaging functions of the iPhone. What if you wanted to use the calling plan that you already paid for? In comes Callism, an app aiming to make it easier for you to use the long-forgotten primary function of your iPhone -- making a call.

The app is not just offering a new service for making calls, but … Read more

Getting started with Chrome Apps

Last week, Google announced access to Chrome Apps for Windows and Chromebook users. What's great about using the apps is that they don't take a spot on your Chrome toolbar, or require you to launch a new tab every time you want to use them. Instead, they are stored locally for fast -- and sometimes offline -- access. To keep Chrome Apps at your fingertips, Google has created a launcher that resides on your desktop toolbar.

Chrome Apps have their own category on the Chrome Web Store. Under the Collections heading, you'll see a new label titled … Read more

View Chrome tabs in a vertical list with Veritabs

Do you often open way too many tabs in your Chrome Web browser? Don't feel guilty; when I'm doing research on something, some of the tabs are so tiny that I can barely see their favicons. You may already be aware that there is a huge selection of tab management extensions in the Chrome Web store, each one with the promise of being a great productivity tool. However, Veritabs is a Chrome extension that works just a bit differently from the others, and it's definitely worth a look.

Instead of making you press a button or switch … Read more

The Essentials: Best free Windows apps for students

Getting ready to go back to school is like getting ready to go to work: you're either excited and ready to rock or you couldn't give a rat's bottom about another year of eight-hour days, full of books, energy drinks, projects, and assignments.

Whether you're in high school or college, it's good to keep your PC equipped with the best programs so that you won't be hit with any surprises. Rather than scrambling around, trying to figure out which program to use for what assignment, check out our top picks for Windows and tell … Read more

Safeguard your school year with McAfee and more

You're a student and you're poor. Because of the cuts in Financial Aid (thanks Obama!), you're working at two different McDonalds across town to pay for that triple dorm room. You have to go back to school soon, but you don't have enough money to buy the tools you need to succeed. You resort to piracy and bam, the FBI is on your tail. You flee to Mexico but run into some trouble with the Federales. They deport your behind back to the States and a judge gives you 15 years and says you shouldn't … Read more

Jumpshot is your frustration-free solution to a cleaner PC

Being computer savvy is both a blessing and a curse. While you're always on top of the latest tech trends and the center of attention at parties (so they say), you're also the first person that everyone bothers with their computer problems. Everybody has at least one friend or family member that is the go-to IT person you always call on whenever you have a problem with your laptop, day or night, 365 days a year. If you don't know of one, you're it, and we feel for you. Jumpshot hopes to make the lives of … Read more

FreshBooks brings simple, cloud-based personal accounting to Android

Designed mostly for freelancers and small-business owners, FreshBooks today brings its simple, cloud-synced accounting platform to Android. The new release joins an existing suite of products, which already includes a Web-based version of FreshBooks, as well as iPhone and iPad apps.

With the new FreshBooks, Android users can now do much of their accounting while on the go. At the top level, the app lets you manage your clients and projects, so you can keep things like contacts and billing info organized. Beyond that, there are tools for easily creating estimates, issuing invoices, and logging expenses. There's even a … Read more