Behind The Scenes

Episode 49: Moto X goes socialite, high-tech parking, and a Glass mini-rant!

This week's episode marks our first cross-brand promotion! I talked about our high-tech parking story on the Marketplace Tech Report from American Public Media, which aired the same day as this new episode.

I was quite proud of that bit of synergy, and of course it means the story is just that cool. Between apps that let you pay for parking and re-up when you run out to sensors embedded in the ground that collect data about parking patterns in an entire city, parking is about to undergo a welcome revolution. I, for one, think marriages could be saved … Read more

Episode 48: Are you ready for 4K TV?

Since Always On first started torture-testing gadgets over a year ago, the people have been calling for a television to go through the paces of destruction. Well, people, the time has come. While sparks are sure to fly in this much-anticipated torture test, we even have a TV-themed future tech and unboxing to boot.

First up, the crew journeys south to see what's brewing at Sony Pictures Studios. The answer is 4K...lots and lots of 4K. This technology turns your living room viewing experience into a night at the movies and even brings 50-year-old classic films back from … Read more

Episode 47: Galaxy S4 Mini takes a kicking

Always On is back for its fifth season! Yep, five seasons without a slouch. Let's just say it feels pretty awesome. We've only just begun story hunting, and we already have an impressive multitude of material. Rumor has it that drones, music festivals, and maybe even a TV torture test are in the mix for the next couple months. But let's get on with it!

This season jumps off with an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It's funny how companies have taken to tacking the word "mini" on the back of phones … Read more

The five most durable gadgets of Always On

It's my personal belief that, across the board, gadgets should be tough enough to handle your real life. I don't think phones should require cases -- Gorilla Glass is more than strong enough to take a drop, and it's perfectly feasible to design devices that can handle bangs, biffs, and dunks without being completely destroyed. (Side note: Why does the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active even exist? Why aren't all versions of the S4 dust-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof? See what I'm getting at here?)

Anyway, the good news is that I've found over and over … Read more

Season 4 bloopers: Singing, dancing, and a fire hose

I'd just like to start by pointing out that getting hosed down by a fireman in Vail, Colo., after a mud run is actually not as fun as it sounds, or as fun as we made it look. For one thing, the water is freezing. And for another, watch that jerk fireman spray me right in the face at 2:33. I am still mad about that!

OK, moving on. This season was filled with fun and flubs all over America, and even though our jet-setting lives look like nothing but fun in the sun, we found out that … Read more

Always On Best of Season 4!

Season 4 was definitely the most fun we've had since Always On started one year ago. That being said, we're hitting the road in hopes of making next season give Season 4 a run for its money. In the meantime, here's our three favorite stories from the last couple months.

We couldn't help but notice Jeff's perma-smile and what seemed like an emotional journey back to his childhood when he visited NASA in Texas. Driving the SEV with an astronaut who's spent more than a month in space can have that effect on a … Read more

Always On sweepstakes is back!

For this season's round of giveaways, we'll start it off with the Kindle Paperwhite. After being named "the classic beach device," this thing almost handled itself in the face of turmoil. While the sun, heat, and lava rock were mostly a breeze, the Kindle fell at the hands of the Pacific Ocean. If a lucky new owner can somehow get the thing working again, we'd love to see it live long enough to pump out one more good read.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 had a bit more trouble in one of the most intense … Read more

Always On Episode 44: Unboxing the Asus PadFone Infinity

Well, folks, this episode just about sums up Season 4. It's been another a great one, but don't worry, we're not planning on spending the summer lounging by the pool sipping fancy cocktails. It's too cold in San Francisco, anyway. We're already on the prowl, gearing up for Season 5. Plus, we've even got a couple special shows and an Always On giveaway coming in the next few weeks to keep you guys entertained.

For this week's unboxing, we take our first look at a one-of-a-kind gadget: the Asus PadFone Infinity. Despite a … Read more

Episode 43: Unboxing the BlackBerry Q10

The past three weeks of Always On showcased the roles tech can play in your summer vacation. In some cases, we determined whether or not your tech can survive your summer vacation. Now this episode doesn't involve snapping photos of spinner dolphins, desert road tripping in a tricked-out RV, or fitness tracking through mud at an average of 8,150 feet of elevation. But just because we're finally back home in the Bay Area doesn't mean we took a break from turning our environment into a tech battleground.

We start things off with an unboxing of the … Read more

Episode 42: Torture testing the Samsung Galaxy S4

It's safe to say that our expectations of the GoPro Mountain Games, and the entirety of Vail, Colorado, were greatly exceeded. If the gorgeous weather, cobblestone streets, and bouldering world championships weren't enough to generate permasmiles, the Rocky Mountains provide a perfect environment for the Always On crew to do their thing. In fact, many of us around the office have determined that the land-locked, rectangular-shaped state of Colorado wields enough awesomeness to give Hawaii a run for its money.

Unfortunately, we also had extremely high expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S4, based on the performance of its … Read more