Sothink Web Video Downloader review

Sothink Web Video Downloader is a versatile and customizable program that gives you the ability to download your favorite videos with ease. Through browser integration, this program provides a quick-download option that makes downloading videos as convenient as possible.


Highly customizable: This app provides multiple options for choosing which browsers you want it to monitor and which types of files you'd like to download. That means that you don't have to deal with the download buttons when you don't want to, and you can adjust these settings at any time.


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Boeing to sell self-destructing smartphones

CNET Update is covering up:

In this episode of Update:

- Mess with Boeing's "Black" smartphone and it will erase all data. But you won't be able to buy this spy-worthy phone in stores.

- Time to cover those webcams. The Guardian reports government agencies tapped into 1.8 million Yahoo users' webcams to secretly snap photos.

- Say goodbye to some online gameplay features in Nintendo's Wii, DS and DSi.

- Get real-time coaching feedback from a new fitness tracker called the Moov. The company is raising money to launch it this summer.

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Use mobile dictionary apps even when offline

Having an online dictionary with you at all times is a terrific convenience. Google's "define" search feature is probably one of the quickest and most convenient ways to look up a word, but it's only good when you have an Internet connection. Providentially, there are two mobile apps that allow you to look up definitions even when you're offline.

The Merriam-Webster and mobile apps are two of the most popular dictionary apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The Android versions of the apps and Merriam-Webster's iOS app … Read more

Save Google Play Music radio on Android for offline listening

Google Play Music's premium All Access service includes custom radio stations, which can be accessed from the Web, iOS devices, and Android smartphones and tablets. The latest update to the Google Play Music Android app included some new features, like device management and offline listening of custom radio stations.

Offline music is helpful when an Internet connection is unavailable, such as when you're on a plane or in a remote locale. And if you don't keep your Android device loaded up with your own music, downloading some of your custom radio stations is one way to keep … Read more

Box gives you a great interface for viewing and storing files in the cloud

Box is a free file-sharing and storage cloud app akin to Dropbox, offering several useful features and a clean interface that's incredibly easy to navigate. At the time of this review, Box is bumping up the storage to 50GB of free space for iOS users, so if you're looking for a cloud storage app, now is the time to grab Box.

Though the app has been available for a few years now, the latest version of Box is a complete redesign of the interface for iOS devices, making all the most common actions easy to get to. The … Read more

Review: Offline Poker Texas Holdem doesn't offer much outside of a quick fix

Offline Poker Texas Holdem isn't very dynamic or loaded with features, but it does let you play some poker without interruptions. It's clearly made for people without strong data connections who therefore can't play some of the more popular, social poker games. Unfortunately, the app doesn't have much else going for it that makes it as enjoyable as those games.

This app lets you play one- or two-player Hold 'Em against a few computer opponents. There's no way to change the computer players' names, difficultly level, or avatars, so you're stuck playing the same &… Read more

At long last, Google Sheets doesn't need a network

It took a few years, but the Google Sheets spreadsheet app has caught up with its productivity-tool companions, Docs and Slides, with one important feature: it now works with or without a network connection.

Offline support isn't the only change for the online spreadsheet. Google also rewrote the app to make it faster, gave its users the ability to partition private areas off within a shared document, and gave it support for more types of calculations.

Offline support is a key sticking point for Web apps, the sort that Google promotes through its Google Drive effort and Chrome OS … Read more

How to enable SD card support for offline Google Play Music

Yesterday's update of Google Play Music for Android (v5.3.1316M) added external SD card support for offline music. Users who have an Android device with an SD card slot will now be able free up their device's internal storage by saving offline music files onto an external card.

The feature is only available on KitKat for now, with "experimental support on some older devices." If you have one of those devices, such as the Galaxy S4, here's how to change the offline storage location to your external card:

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YouTube details how offline videos will work

As YouTube prepares offline video watching for a November update, it details for its partners how the feature will work, as well as indicating some fuzzy red lines around content.

The default setting for most uploads will be to include offline viewing as an option, according to a YouTube memo sent to its commercial upload partners obtained by AllThingsD. Uploaders can disable offline mode for their videos during the upload process or once the video is uploaded, and disabling offline viewing has some granular controls including region, asset, and across all the uploader's videos.

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YouTube mobile apps to let you watch videos offline

You'll soon be able to catch some of your favorite YouTube videos offline, at least on your mobile device.

In November, YouTube will update its mobile apps so that you can download videos to your smartphone or tablet. The video clips will be available to watch for a short period of time, YouTube said in a blog posted Tuesday.

Just how long is a "short period of time?" You'll have up to 48 hours to watch the video, according to a report from AllThingsD.

YouTube called this new feature "part of our ongoing updates to … Read more