Mobile payments are, in fact, near

Links from Friday's episode of Loaded...and, no, there are no April Fools' jokes in today's show!

Google denies working on a mobile app that searches faces and uncovers personal info

AT&T offers a new Mobile Protection Pack to locate and insure mobile phones

Samsung and Visa will offer mobile phone payment systems using NFC tech at the 2012 Olympic Games may be working on a mobile phone payments system as well

Activision announces the next Spider-Man game

It's not TV. It's Netflix.

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Netflix may be bidding to own an original show called "House of Cards."

T-Mobile announces a new Sidekick running Android on T-Mobile's 4G network.

You can now watch live MLB games on Facebook.

Google may be launching a mobile phone payment trial in San Francisco and New York.

Google previews updates for its blogging platform, Blogger.

Kindle and Nook users can now share books using eBook Fling.

Twitter gives you an option to make your account more secure by always using HTTPS.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9, but not for … Read more

Facebook is not a measure of your self-worth

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Opera launches a mobile browser-based app store

A new iPad magazine app called Zite arrives

Foursquare launches version 3.0 of its mobile app with more emphasis on rewards and recommendations

Mitsubishi has built an elevator that you can operate with voice commands

A new study shows that women who base their self-worth on their appearance share far more photos of themselves on Facebook

A camera you can sit on

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

The iPad 2 has a faster processor and updated specs.

RIM's BlackBerry Playbook is rumored to come out next month.

Nintendo 3DS gets Netflix.

Mobile editing in Google Docs now supports 45 languages.

The Olympus TOUGH TG-810 is crushproof at up to 220 pounds.

National iPad 2 day

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Apple gets ready to announce the iPad 2

Verizon's unlimited data plan will end this summer

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Facebook purchases a group messaging system

Lenovo shows off an eyeball-controlled laptop

Amazon threatens to shut down California affiliates based on a proposed tax law

Angry Birds St. Patrick's Day will launch March 22

Free e-book lending on Open Library

Links from Thursday's episode of Loaded:

Apple sends out invites, apparently for the launch of the second-generation iPad

A new lineup of MacBook Pros is announced

Microsoft says the software update for Windows Phone 7 does not brick phones 90 percent of the time

The Open Library announces its free e-book lending program

Netflix announces a two-year deal to stream shows from our parent company, CBS

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is immortalized in a new comic book

Taxes--why your cell phone bill is so high

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gives a few details on the State Department's plans to ensure a global freedom for the Internet

The Obama administration's proposed 2012 budget would increase budget for national cybersecurity and research

LeapFrog unveils the LeapPad Explorer, a tablet for children, due out this summer

Apple announces its subscription policies for its App Store

A new report from KSE Partners shows that taxes on wireless services are higher than ever and vary quite a bit state to state

Logitech updates its LifeSize Video Center program … Read more

iPad joystick at CES 2011

Links from Wednesday's episode of Loaded:

Nvidia announces a 3D sharing page called 3DVisionLive

HP may not announce a tablet at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show after all, but rather may wait until February if press invites are a decent indication of the company's plans

Asus announces a line of Android and Windows tablets as well as a new Android phone

Video streaming site Vudu is going to start streaming 3D movies

The Fling is a suction joystick for the iPad

Total eclipse of the moon

Links from Monday's episode of Loaded:

Best Buy scraps its restocking fee policy

Google TV may not be ready for its closeup when the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off next month

The Privacy Bill of Rights aims to regulate companies' data collection practices

The U.K. government wants to make all pornography opt-in only

Google's PowerMeter can now track your home energy use via your home broadband if you have a PowerCost Monitor

TellMyGeo is the app version of "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

And don't miss tonight's lunar eclipseRead more

Inner space

Links from Friday's episode of Loaded:

Facebook suffered a brief outage yesterday but came back up with new photo features

Apple announces that the Mac Store with apps for Macs will launch on January 6

Yahoo layoffs will apparently result in the shutting down of several Yahoo services

The European Union is deepening its investigation into anti-competitive practices by Google

New Google Maps for Mobile on Android comes with 3D and allows for offline directions

An update to Hotmail lets you surf certain Web sites right inside your e-mail

An official PlayStation app is coming soon for Android and … Read more