Text yourself thin with ToneFone weighted iPhone case

Tired of flabby arms and weak wrists? Wish you had more to show for using your iPhone than just communication, entertainment, driving directions, restaurant recommendations, and casual hookups?

If only your iPhone looked like a dumbbell and was heavy like a dumbbell. Then, every time you picked it up, you'd be working out!

So goes the "logic" behind ToneFone, a product I swear I am not making up. Available through UK-based DesirableBody, the ToneFone is the "world's heaviest iPhone case."

No, really -- that's the tagline.

Designed to fit the iPhone 5 and … Read more

Mophie Space Pack, hands-on: An iPhone case with battery and extra storage, too

The two biggest problems plaguing most iPhone owners are the twin desires for more battery life and more storage space -- at least, those are my top two. What if you could kill both birds with one not-too-heavy accessory?

The Mophie Space Pack does, indeed, offer up both: a full-charge battery case, with 16 or 32GB of extra flash storage thrown right in. Sound like the best iPhone-as-camera accessory ever made? It very nearly is, if you can accept a high price and some limitations.

The Space Pack looks and performs like Mophie's other iPhone 5/5S battery-pack cases: … Read more

iPhone case doubles as a health monitor

Your iPhone may be able to play doctor with help from a $199 case.

Made by consumer-electronics company Azoi, a smartphone case called Wello aims to measure a range of vitals, including your blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature, and lung function. Azoi claims the measurements will offer a high level of accuracy as part of its goal to make you more aware of your health.

To trigger the built-in sensors, you simply hold the case for a few moments while some of your key bodily functions are recorded. The information then passes over to the Wello … Read more

Fund this: iPhone case calls for help with the flip of a switch

No one likes to think about it, but scary and potentially life-threatening situations happen all the time: assaults, robberies, stranger danger, medical emergencies, and so on.

You can call for help, of course, but only if you have the time (and capability) to get your phone out of your pocket or purse, unlock it, tap the phone app, dial 911, speak to the operator, describe your emergency, and so on.

The Lifesaver Case for iPhone calls for help with nothing more than the flip of a switch. It not only saves time, but also works discreetly, just in case you'… Read more

Try an iPhone dance game, get a free iPhone case

Jamo is a Wii-style dance game that uses your iPhone as the controller.

Of course, as everyone famously knows, it's all too easy for a handheld controller to get a little, er, out of hand.

That's why developer Vimo Labs has put together this special offer, exclusively for CNET readers: You can get a free iPhone 5 wrist-strap case when you try Jamo. Normally it would run you $10 plus shipping, but here you're getting it delivered to your door without spending a penny.

The case offers plastic protection for your phone and the added benefit of … Read more

Get a one-of-a kind iPhone case 3D-printed just for you

Companies like Shutterfly, VistaPrint, and Zazzle have been able to print your photos on a variety of mobile phone cases for a while now, making them distinctively yours. But a new company seeking Kickstarter funding will actually be able to 3D-print an entire iPhone case for you, making it a one-of-a-kind creation -- if you have the design chops to dream one up.

The company, called Fraemes, uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers to create plastic panels in a variety of colors and pretty much any design imaginable. SLS is a technology originally developed by DARPA that uses high-powered lasers to fuse plastic powders together, building plastic objects literally from the ground up.… Read more

Get two Kindle Fire HDX Origami cases for $9.98

Never, ever pay full price for smartphone or tablet accessories. If you walk into, say, an Apple Store or Best Buy in search of a case or sync/charge cable, you're going to pay a huge markup. You'll also find a much smaller selection than you would online.

Take, for example, the Amazon Origami Case for Kindle Fire HDX. It's awesome, as it not only covers the screen, but also folds into various configurations that stand the tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. Alas, it's $55.

If you happened to grab an HDX the other day … Read more

Moshi SenseCover for iPhone 5/5S has touchy new feature

The one issue with flip-cover or "folio" style smartphone cases is that while the front cover offers good screen protection, it can be a little cumbersome when you're answering a call or have the phone held up to your ear.

Moshi's answer is the SenseCover, a new faux leather flip-style case that has a built-in window, along with touch sensors which allow you to answer phone calls, check the time, or turn off alarms without opening the front of the case.

The case looks similar to Samsung's Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover Folio Case and … Read more

Fund this: Worm iPhone case packs Lightning USB cable

I have a (some would say unhealthy) fascination with cases that do more than just protect your phone. Because, really, if you're going to diminish your handset's outer beauty, you might as well get something extra for it.

The Apple Worm (the name of which has almost certainly attracted the attention of Apple's lawyers by now) is an iPhone 5/5C/5S case with a built-in Lightning cable. What's so "wormy" about it? The cable lays flat across the back when not in use but can scrunch up to form a kickstand.

This is better shown than explained, so check out the developer's promo vid:… Read more

Gadgets with split personalities shine at CES 2014

It's time to take a look at some of the more quirky products on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In this episode:

- Learn about Razer's Project Christine, a high-end gaming rig prototype that makes it easy to build your own PC. (Mineral oil is involved.)

- Switch your headphones into a video-playing visor with the Avegant Glyph.

- Behold the ultimate mobile-device mashup, the ZTE Projector Hotspot.

- Judge a new twist on the tablet-laptop hybrid with Toshiba's latest prototype.

- Never let go of your BlackBerry addiction with the Typo iPhone keyboard case. … Read more