McAfee Antivirus & Security review

McAfee Antivirus & Security brings a new level of security and features to Android device protection. In addition to basic antivirus, privacy, and Web security, McAfee can also back up your device as well as lock or unlock it or even wipe data remotely. It helps you find your device if it's lost or stolen with geo-location and CaptureCam, which e-mails the administrator (that's you) photos of whoever was holding your phone and a map of their location.


Easy to use: Help, tutorials, and support draw on McAfee's long experience in cyber-security. It scanned our phone … Read more

McAfee SafeKey review

McAfee SafeKey can hold all of your passwords safely, but it takes a while to set up. Depending on how much you use McAfee products, you may have to sign up for multiple accounts just to access this app's features. That doesn't bode well for this program, especially when there are other easy-to-use, effective password managers available.

This program serves as a home for all of your passwords. It can log in for you on some Web sites, as well, and syncs to your desktop or tablet app if you have one. Your passwords are all held in … Read more

McAfee Site Advisor review

McAfee Site Advisor is a rare helpful browser add-on that will tell you exactly what to expect from a Web site. It fits in seamlessly with most browsers and is constantly updated with new information on top Web sites. While it may make you second guess some of your browsing behavior, it's still a worthwhile add-on to have.

This program puts a small icon in your browser's URL bar that will help you gauge whether or not a site can be trusted. The icon changes colors -- green, yellow, and red -- based on how much of your … Read more

McAfee Labs Stinger review

McAfee Labs Stinger is a quick, portable virus scanner, but it lacks the features you'd find in more dynamic virus suites. If you need active protection as you download files and other things you'd expect from programs like Avira or avast!, this isn't the program you want. However, if you're comfortable just finding problems after they've infected you, this program will dig deeper than some virus-scanning apps.

Though this is anti-virus software, it's not in the same class as Windows Defender or other programs, because it doesn't offer active protection, i.e., warnings … Read more

Sext much? If so, you're not alone

Former US representative Anthony Weiner wasn't the only one to get hooked on sexting -- apparently, nearly half of all US adults' smartphones contain sexy photos or texts.

A new study released Tuesday by security software firm McAfee titled "Love, Relationships, and Technology" details just how many people send risque photos or intimate texts to people they know or strangers.

McAfee online security expert Robert Siciliano wrote in a blog post that a number of adults share "private details about their lives, including those of an intimate nature such as nude photos and sexts -- all … Read more

The ADT home security empire strikes back at CES

These days, consumers interested in protecting their homes have more options than ever before, thanks to security-minded home automation services like SimpliSafe and fee-free, crowd-funded DIY upstarts like Piper and iSmartAlarm that continue to improve. That spells trouble for established industry leaders like ADT, as an increasing number of consumers are finding better value with the little guys.

Today, ADT answered back, announcing a sweeping list of upgrades to ADT Pulse, its premier home security package. Chief among these is the ADT Pulse Voice app, which will enable users to manage their home security and automation needs by way of … Read more

Intel kills off McAfee Security brand

Throughout the years of John McAfee's madman antics, the founder of computer security firm McAfee Security, always had his name associated with the shield logo of McAfee Antivirus and its variations.

But with a few sentences casually thrown out to the Consumer Electronics Show audience in Las Vegas on Monday evening, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sounded the death knell for the McAfee brand, at least as far as it relates to consumer security.

The software will remain unchanged except for changing the name from McAfee Security to Intel Security. The iconic red McAfee shield will remain, for now, and … Read more

John McAfee's $100 D-Central aims to outsmart the NSA

John McAfee has unveiled plans for a new product, called the D-Central, that he promises will keep users safe from the prying eyes of government.

The D-Central will be a hardware product that will cost less than $100, McAfee said in an interview at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center on Saturday. The device will be capable of communicating with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to create a series of decentralized local networks. Because those networks are essentially floating around the Web and are private networks, it's practically impossible to nail them down, said McAfee.

During the talk, … Read more

John McAfee wants to make the Internet unhackable

Your Internet's hacked? Your brain's been smacked? Who're you gonna call? McAfeeBusters.

That, it seems, is the hope of John McAfeee, the man who stood for antivirus software, and spent quite some time running from the police in Belize.

He now wishes to make a triumphant return to Silicon Valley by performing the one act that everyone craves: He wants to make the Web unhackable.… Read more

McAfee: And the most dangerous cyber celebrity is...

Celebrities can be really dangerous, and not just because they slap zebra print and rhinestones on any product they can get ahold of.

They also lure unsuspecting Internet users to sites that have tested positive for threats that can harm a computer or mobile device. But which athletes, musicians, comedians, and Hollywood stars are most likely to lure innocent Internetizens into the less-than-glamorous online underbelly of spyware, adware, spam, and viruses? Security software company McAfee recently released its 2013 Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity list, which highlights the most common celeb search terms that expose Web users to no-good. … Read more