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Letterpress Word Game review

Letterpress Word Game lets you challenge your friends or other random players to see what kinds of words you can each find in a 5x5 grid. Take turns capturing tiles and squeezing out words until there are no more moves left to make, and then find out who tallied the most points.


Nice interface: This app's appearance is clean and minimalist, with the letter grid dominating most of the screen, and two happy faces at the top identifying your score and your opponent's score. To pick a word, just tap on the letters you want to use (… Read more

Orbit1 review

Orbit1 is a streamlined yet challenging game in which you have to guide your space ship in orbit while collecting orbs and avoiding obstacles. Whether you want to kill time on your own or have some fun with friends, this game is a great way to do it.


Player options: This game offers options for between one and four players to play. And unlike many games, it's just as enjoyable no matter how many players you have.

Good interface: The controls for this game include just one button that you use to guide your ship as it orbits … Read more

Outwitters review

Outwitters is a strategy game that challenges you to advance across the board to try and destroy your enemy's base. You command an army made up of cute little characters that each have their strengths and weaknesses, and you have to make sure they're each in the right place at the right time to counteract your opponent's movements.


Rules and tutorial: If you're new to the game, you'll find a complete write-out of the rules, as well as a thorough tutorial to help you get a feel for how it all comes together. The … Read more

Pitfall review

Pitfall challenges you to guide your runner through the jungle, all the while avoiding obstacles and collecting as much treasure as you can. You'll find the hours melting away as you lose yourself in this challenging and invigorating endless running game.


Variation: This game takes the basic endless running game and adds a few twists of its own. For instance, there are plenty of different obstacles to overcome and landscapes to run through. Plus, your perspective changes at different points, which adds an extra layer of challenge to the task of guiding your character safely.

Fast-paced: Everything comes … Read more

Poker by Zynga review

Poker by Zynga gives you access to an almost limitless number of Texas Hold 'Em tables, as well as some other bonus games. You can choose to settle in at a table for the long haul, enter a tournament, or just play quick and easy. But no matter what you choose, you're sure to get hooked quickly.


Skill builder: While the game pretty much throws you right in to the cutthroat world of Texas Hold 'Em, it's a great way to build up your skills in the game quickly. And since there are so many ways to … Read more

Punch Quest review

Punch Quest is an action-packed game that challenges you to punch your way through ever more challenging levels to advance and unlock new powers. And to go along with your powers, you'll also unlock some awesome headwear to ensure you stay in style as you continue on your adventure.


Lots to explore: There are all kinds of new and fun things to discover and unlock as you work your way through this game. In addition to all the hats you can collect and special powers you'll discover, there are all kinds of new monsters to beat and … Read more

Real Racing 3 review

Real Racing 3 is a fast-paced game that puts you in the driver's seat of some impressive vehicles and lets you race other players. As you develop your skills in the racing world, you'll unlock better and better cars and compete on more and more challenging courses.


Customizable controls: In this game, you can have as much or as little control over your vehicle as you'd like. To begin with, you'll have automatic acceleration and brake assist turned on as you get used to the other controls. But if you want a more authentic racing … Read more

Wondershare TunesGo review

Wondershare TunesGo lets you manage the media on your Apple devices, and move it from one to the other without going through iTunes. With this handy app, you can quickly export all kinds of files to your computer or just back up your data, so you don't have to worry if your device is lost or damaged.


Nice interface: This program offers a sleek and streamlined interface through which you can easily access all app features. Large buttons identify different actions, and clear instructions let you know what to connect and when. There are also status bars that … Read more

Air Hockey Gold review

Air Hockey Gold perfectly mimics the experience of playing air hockey on a real table, and it lets you select from a wide range of skill levels for gameplay. You also can choose to play against the computer or challenge your friends, giving you so many possibilities for competition that you'll have a hard time putting this game down.


Game options: No matter how you feel like playing, this game can accommodate you. Levels of difficulty range from Kiddie to Insane with several more steps in between, and you can even play with one or two pucks to … Read more

Amateur Surgeon 3 review

Amateur Surgeon 3 is a silly and addictive game that challenges you to treat your patients' injuries with a peculiar set of tools. As you work your way through the levels of this game, you'll have to develop your problem-solving skills as well as your fine touch with the staple gun to make sure your patents heal properly.


Fun story: This game features an engaging and entertaining storyline, with a bizarre cast of characters that are sure to charm you. Their dialogue may even have you laughing out loud at times, but if you'd prefer to focus … Read more