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Falcon review

Falcon is a Twitter client that lets you view trending and popular tweets. What it doesn't do, however, is let you view your own Twitter feed or post tweets, so it will probably be of limited usefulness for most people.


Decent performance: Falcon doesn't do a whole lot, but it's not bad at what it does. It allows users to easily see trending topics around the world or in particular countries, and users can search for particular keywords or hashtags. You can also view the most popular tweets. The app updates tweets and trending topics in … Read more

EZ Bathroom review

EZ Bathroom is an app that promises to help you design a bathroom with a variety of options for furniture and décor. Unfortunately, an unintuitive interface and the fact that most of the app's features can't be accessed without an upgrade make EZ Bathroom hard to recommend.


Some Flexibility: To be honest, we're struggling to come up with much of anything that we liked about EZ Bathroom. We suppose we can give it some credit for the fact that the fixtures it includes can be resized, making it easier for you to see how … Read more

DropMind Lite review

DropMind Lite is an app that lets users create mind maps, flowcharts, and other diagrams. It's a powerful way to organize information, but its many options make it somewhat difficult to get the hang of.


Full of Features: DropMind Lite gives you a wide variety of tools for creating diagrams. As expected, you can create topics and subtopics, but you can also include notes, links, images, photos, icons, and more. The app provides a variety of shapes and ways to create relationships between topics; and tags make it easy to organize maps by topic.

Sample Map: DropMind Lite'… Read more

Decocche review

Decocche is a sticker app that allows you to add all kinds of fun stuff to your photos, from frames and greetings to wigs and eye makeup. We were impressed by the wide array of options that Decocche offers, and we think it's a great choice for anyone who likes to jazz up their images.


Loads of stickers: Decocche claims to offer over 1,000 free stickers, and while we didn't count, we can confirm that the app contains a ton of stickers. Wigs, hats, glasses, makeup, facial hair, flowers, bows, and other accessories abound, but there … Read more

Clipper review

Clipper promises to help users create and share attractive videos, offering an array of musical choices and effects for customizing your cinematic masterpiece. There's a lot to like about Clipper, but it falls short in one very important way: it doesn't always save your finished videos.


Attractive, intuitive interface: Clipper launches with a tutorial that walks you through the process of creating a video; but even without this, the app would be pretty easy to figure out. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, allowing you to create and preview great-looking videos in a matter of … Read more

Blurred review

Blurred is a basic app that lets you add a blur effect to your images. It's limited in scope; but if a blurring tool is what you need, Blurred delivers.


Easy to use: Apps really don't get much more straightforward than Blurred. Open an image (or use the in-app camera to take a new photo) adjust the sliders, and save your image. That's all there is to it. You can also share images using the iOS sharing feature from within the app.


Minimal explanation: Blurred allows you to blur images by adjusting two sliders: Radius … Read more

CCleaner review

CCleaner is a free Registry and junk-clearing utility for keeping your system clean and optimized.


Basic UI: CCleaner's four main features -- Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options -- are clearly marked on a vertical tab menu. Initiating a scan and clean is straightforward.

Powerful: CCleaner includes most of the essentials for PC maintenance. It provides tools for clearing your temporary files, cleaning the Registry, and removing unused cookies from your browser. CCleaner also supports 64-bit systems, as well as updated support for popular applications.

Freeware: Upselling and bundling are minimal; CCleaner only offers the option to install Google … Read more

Whisper review

Whisper is a juicy little social app that lets you reveal anything -- private thoughts, sinful secrets, darkest desires -- anonymously, in a nonjudgmental environment. It's like a support group where nobody knows your name.


Awesome functionality: Whisper lets you create posts with the tap of a button. Then just type your post and let Whisper select an accompanying photo and font, which you can alter by searching for a picture, taking your own, and experimenting with included fonts. Whisper then adds the tags for you, but feel free to add or subtract some before posting.

Streamlined interface: … Read more

Invoice Maker review

Invoice Maker works as advertised, enabling you to create invoices and save them as PDFs or e-mail them, but comes with a few annoying accessibility issues that make it clumsy, slow, and at times annoying. Although in theory it supports all countries, it really feels like it's made for US users only.


Comprehensive: With Invoice Maker you can add extensive company, client, product, and invoice information, everything from addresses to product descriptions. Editing existing invoices or adding subcategories to products is also possible, making this app handy for small businesses.

Easy to use: Even if you're not … Read more

IPL-2013 review

IPL-2013 acts as a mobile-friendly, stripped-down version of, enabling you to keep track of the latest scores and news, and check the schedule of upcoming games of the Indian Cricket League. It may annoy you with its ads and unpolished interface, though.


Works as intended: On the home screen you can find the latest scores, news, videos, and the points table all in the same place. If you're an avid cricket fan, it will save you the trouble of having to open your browser and check the full Web site, which isn't at all optimized … Read more