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AutoTypewriter review

AutoTypewriter lets you assign certain blocks of text to hot keys, so you can fill in items you type out often with just a few taps. Select your own hot keys, and type in custom lines of text, and then let the program do the rest.


Complete customization: This app gives you the power to select the keys you'd like to use for each often-used item of text. You can select from the drop-down menu, or just type in the key you want. Handy check boxes also let you determine whether you want to press "Alt," &… Read more

Any Video Converter review

Any Video Converter takes videos from your computer or downloaded from the Internet and converts them into just about any format you'd like. Just import the video, pick your preferred format, and hit convert, and you're ready to transfer that video to your mobile device.


Tons of options: You're almost guaranteed to find the right format in this app's long list of options. The formats are also organized by device, so you can quickly find the format you're looking for whether you have an iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung Phone, Roku, or just … Read more

ViZi Budget review

ViZi Budget puts personal finance software where you need it most -- on your phone, right next to your wallet. This free (and ad-free) Android app manages your financial accounts; tracks income, expenses, and transactions; and creates reports.


All business: ViZi Budget's layout is plain but easy to read and navigate; just what we want in a personal finance tool (save the surprises for games). Best of all: no ads.

Customizable categories: The default Categories range from necessary expenses like Food to extras like Vacation, but it's easy to add custom categories for any expense you incur.… Read more

Toolwiz Cleaner review

Toolwiz Cleaner reclaims memory and storage space on your Android device by purging junk files and closing apps that don't need to be running. It enhances your privacy by deleting log files, saved searches, and app caches. It not only uninstalls but backs up your apps. This free app runs in Android 2.3 and up; Toolwiz Cleaner Version 2.0.3200 ran crisply and smoothly in our Android 4.3 smartphone.


Closes apps: Far too many Android apps seem to think you're missing something if they're not running all the time, and you are: You'… Read more

Quotes and Thoughts review

Quotes and Thoughts is a free app that delivers topical quotations and inspirational sayings to your Android device. You can type in a subject or question and receive an answer, browse quotes by topic, or get "a quote to ponder or laugh at" randomly. Quotes are easy to share via Facebook and other social media.


An aphorism* a day: Pithy quotations and inspirational sayings jog the brain, stimulate new thoughts, and help you concentrate. *(Aphorism: "Predigested wisdom." -Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary.")

Quotes are fun: Do you really need an excuse to … Read more

Bubble Shoot Legend review

Bubble Shoot Legend combines two of our favorite arcade game schemes, shooting stuff and popping bubbles, in one free Android game. Grouping three or more bubbles of the same color causes them to drop, and the bubbles behind them, too, which occasionally leads to a chain reaction and big score. If you don't drop enough bubbles before the descending mass hits bottom, you lose the round.


Fast and fun: You can shift the color of the shooting bubble; the quicker you recognize the color change, the quicker you can target bubbles.

Bank shots: You can (and sometimes must) … Read more

Bubble Combos review

AppGo calls Bubble Combo "a very classic bubble puzzle game," though the swiping motion and high-quality graphics make this up-to-date Android app fun and easy to play, too. Bubble Combo is free but ad-supported; it runs in Android 2.3.3 or higher and played nicely in Android 4.3.


Easy to play: The premise is basic: line up three or more of the same color balloons to pop them all, score points, and reshuffle the board.

Levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard levels keep Bubble Combo from becoming like cold bath water (we hate that!) and provide … Read more

Bridge Constructor FREE review

Android engineers can design, build, and test all kinds of bridges with ClockStone's Bridge Constructor FREE. You've got to rescue stranded people and help a picturesque island nation recover from an earthquake by rebuilding bridges with different materials and within budget. Spans get longer as the game progresses, and your designs must meet a variety of challenges.


Civil engineering is fun! Who knew? Lots of people, actually: Bridge Constructor is one of the most popular puzzle/sims for iOS, and now it's available on Android.

Bridge building is easy! Anyone can build bridges when chasms are … Read more

Animals Memory Game For Kids review

With Animals Memory Game For Kids on your Android tablet or phone, youngsters stay busy sharpening their memory skills -- only they think it's fun. Softdiv's free but ad-supported game challenges kids to flip and match animal cards by memory. Gameplay involves tapping squares, so even small children can manage it on a tablet or smartphone.


Easy in concept, challenging in play: The game's concept is easy to grasp: kids tap squares to briefly uncover cards bearing pictures of different animals, and then tap the matching card to create a pair that then disappears. The further … Read more

Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler review

Softdiv's Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler keeps little ones busy and entertained while they learn fine motor skills and visual cognition. As the name suggests, this free app is more or less an Android rendition of the classic wooden picture puzzle for very young children. Youngsters drag shapes into outlines, aided by sound effects.


Easy to play: With no more than three or four shapes per animal, and many in single pieces, Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler is suitable for any child old enough to swipe a finger on a touchscreen.

Sound effects: Audible feedback lets players know … Read more