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Fandango Movies review

Fandango Movies gives you quick, easy access to movie tickets for nearby theaters. This application does not contain many features for social networkers but does succeed in providing speedy service for customers.


Pinpoint precision: Upon installation, movie theaters in a 50-mile radius were suggested to us, verifying the accuracy of Fandango's GPS tool. Additionally, logging in to your account instantly pulls up all previously visited theaters, which eases your shopping experience.

Attractive entertainment: Fandango Movies offers high-quality, fast-loading movie reviews, video interviews, and film stills. All of these items help you decide which films to watch in an … Read more

First Aid review

First Aid is an unsophisticated, educational application that provides you with straightforward information on a range of life-threatening emergencies. You will have to get passed blatant spelling and design errors when using this application, but the content provided is still valuable, nonetheless.


Factual information: First Aid gives factual and correct emergency medical advice, which is something that cannot be said about many of its competitors. We compared the easy-to-read text with a variety of renowned medical sites to ensure accuracy and are confident that you will be able to assist in a large variety of emergency situations.

Basic layout: … Read more

Frontback review

Frontback is a one-of-a-kind image-sharing application with a sleek design and interesting user interface. If you're experienced with similar applications, you will enjoy the social networking features as well as the unique dual camera utilization.


Fast and responsive: Frontback is quick in everything it does. Images and text load immediately, and changing from tab to tab is entirely seamless. Photos uploaded to social networking sites appeared within seconds on Wi-Fi and 4G tests.

Unrivaled abilities: The unique cleverness of this application has no match. Frontback gives you access to thousands of trending pictures from its large community of … Read more

Google Shopping Express review

Google Shopping Express is a well-constructed, fast application that eases mobile shopping while retaining many features from Google's desktop client. The listed prices may not always be correct, but you'll receive same-day delivery on your purchases via this application.


High-quality design: Like many Google products, Shopping Express is intuitive with its grid layout and tabbed browsing system. Its bright display, sharp font, and full-sized tiles bring out the detail of each product listing.

Endless specificity: Each tab contains menu options and subsections that allow you to find exactly what you want. We purposefully misspelled search queries, but … Read more

Unpossible review

Unpossible challenges you to avoid all of the obstacles thrown in your way for as long as you can, and it increases in difficulty the farther you go. Whether you want to compete against your friends in Game Center, or you're satisfied trying to beat your own personal bests, this game is sure to provide hours of both exhilaration and frustration.


Control options: Whether you prefer tilt or touch controls, you'll be happy with the setup of this game. Both options are available, and they're sensitive enough to give you the control you need in this … Read more

Wayward Souls review

Wayward Souls sends you on a quest through a maze of dungeons where you'll encounter all types of enemies to do battle with. As you advance, you'll also discover your character's special powers, and you'll uncover more secrets that will aid you in your quest.


Enjoyable replay: This game is great to play through once, but the real fun starts when you begin exploring all of the additional gameplay options available. To begin with, levels are randomly generated every time you play them, so the layout changes, and you can't just retrace your steps. … Read more

XCOM: Enemy Unknown review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown places you in command of an elite group of soldiers tasked with stopping alien invaders before they destroy Earth. In this move-based strategy game, you'll have to learn about the alien technology and come up with a way to defeat your enemy while simultaneously responding to attacks in multiple locations around the globe.


Amazing graphics: The graphics in this game are really spectacular. You might feel more like you're watching a movie than playing a video game at times. And because images are so crisp and detailed, you can play quite easily, even on … Read more

Year Walk review

Year Walk is a game based on the ancient Swedish tradition of the same name, which people embarked upon in the hopes of learning the future. Through the game's streamlined and elegant interface, you'll explore a mysterious wooded area and attempt to decipher the clues you find there.


Know what you want: To play this game, you don't really need to know much about the Year Walk tradition and folklore, but there is a free companion app that includes all kinds of information that you may find interesting or useful. Especially if you're new to … Read more

Zen Pinball review

Zen Pinball gives you access to the classic arcade game right from your iOS device, with tons of different themed tables to choose from. You get one table for free when you download the app, and you can purchase any additional tables you'd like at any point.


Table options and themes: No matter what you're into, you're sure to find a table that matches those interests. Popular options include multiple tables with different "Star Wars" themes, as well as tables featuring characters from Marvel comics.

Responsive controls: To control the paddles on your table, … Read more

Go Locker review

Go Locker lets you customize your lock screen to your heart's content with stylish themes, app shortcut icons and notifications, news, calendars, camera, email, and more. This app considerably improves the default lock screen on your device, making it not only more beautiful, but also more functional.


Powerful yet graceful: Go Locker manages to integrate app icons and notifications, to-do lists, emails, agenda, media players, and weather widgets into stylish themes that despite their sophistication remain smooth and fluid and don't tax your system or effect the battery.

Fantastic themes: Whether you want a minimalist theme that … Read more