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Uninstall like a pro with Revo

When you uninstall a program, there's a high likelihood that it's left you a little present behind, often in your Windows registry. Like an unclaimed sweater the day after a house party, rarely does this "gift" have much effect. When you've got 700 gifts sitting in your closet, though, you might wish you had room for more important things. Enter: Revo Uninstaller.

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Stress, drama, vivid virus nightmares

Published by William; Sydney, Australia

In our house, we used to share a computer. I had Spybot - Search & Destroy and Norton Antivirus installed on it, and I became the scanning boss since my parents barely knew how to click a mouse. After about a year, I discovered "DriveCleaner" in the program manager window. I tried uninstalling it, got an error, then saw the progress bar roll backward fairly fast. At least these malware people have a sense of humor.

But then: My computer was exceedingly slow and gave me constant pop-up problems. Stress session. I tried … Read more

Microsoft updates Vista SP1 test build

Microsoft said on Thursday that it has released another updated test version of Windows Vista Service Pack 1.

The company said that the new version, dubbed "Windows Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2," has been released to about 15,000 beta testers. The code is not being made available publicly, Microsoft said.

The product is still on track to be finalized this quarter, Microsoft said, while offering its standard caveat. "The final release date is based on quality, so we will continue to track customer and partner feedback from the beta program before setting a final date," … Read more

Grab and convert YouTube videos in one go

There are tons of YouTube video-grabbing downloads out there, but relatively few also convert those FLV files for later viewing on a cell phone, iPhone, or other flavor of mobile device. Since we don't like using two apps when we can use one, here's a hand-picked collection of apps containing the packaged set.

1. Out of all the downloader/converters I tried, nothing felt more honest than CinemaForge, with its homegrown UFO-shaped interface. The freeware app lays down a simple 6-step downloading and conversion trajectory that includes finding a video's "real" URL, as opposed to … Read more

Killer Download: Top free CD/DVD burning apps

Just about every computer available these days comes with a CD/DVD burner as part of the package. Whether your primary use for this drive is to make mix CDs for the car, backup data, or burn DVD backups for your movies, you need a good program with the right type of features for the job. Though Windows offers some burning features, you're not going to get the options you'll find in a stand alone app.

There are many paid CD and DVD burning apps to choose from and some of the most popular in this category--like NeroRead more

Ask the (music)!

Are you new to Music and don't yet know what to do or where to start? Or maybe you have a brand-new iPod (or other MP3 player), and you need some advice on (free) music to fill it up. Or perhaps you're simply a Download Music regular who just wants to chat. Whatever the case, join me on Thursday, Jan. 24 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern) for a live online Q-and-A session, where I'll do my best to answer any and all music- or site-related questions you might have.

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IE7 coming at you (whether you like it or not)

With its February 12, 2008, Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft has decided, for security reasons, to push out Internet Explorer 7, even to businesses that have previously blocked the automatic upgrade.

According to this Microsoft knowledge base article the software giant will release the Windows Internet Explorer 7 Installation and Availability update to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) marked as an Update Rollup package. Microsoft says for business customers who have "set WSUS to 'auto-approve' Update Rollup packages (this is not the default configuration), Windows Internet Explorer 7 will be automatically approved for installation." Microsoft introduced the delay feature … Read more

BullGuard releases a free spam filter

On Wednesday, the Danish security company BullGuard announced it will offer its spam filter product as a free download. The BullGuard Spamfilter (download) integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail clients. It runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

The BullGuard product relies upon fellow users to identify spam; once e-mail is marked as spam, all other Spamfilter users will no longer receive that e-mail in their in-boxes. It will be available within the spam folder instead.

According to Google's Postini, 2007 saw record spam levels, with as much as 90 percent of all … Read more

Crossfade TV: Best of 2007

Later this week we'll post a brand-new Crossfade TV episode, featuring three artists who are already making a big splash in 2008. In the meantime, and before '07 fades entirely into memory, have a look at our end-of-the-season video special highlighting faves from last year's crop, including Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Kanye West, and Richard Hawley.

Free DJ Mix by Justice: "Rejected Fabric Mix"

Courtesy of Xavier de Rosnay, Gaspard Auge (aka Justice) and the whole Ed Banger crew, the DJ mix unofficially dubbed the "Rejected Fabric Mix" has found its way to the WWW as a freebie when the popular London dance label (and club) Fabric rejected it for their next FabricLive compilation DJ series.

Before being leaked to the public, Justice's new mix is easily one of the best of the year and has a scope well beyond the duo's own apocalyptic electro madness. Take a listen (or three... or five) and see for yourself.

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