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Opera Software releases Opera Mobile 9.5 beta

Updated 7/17/08 at 11:16 am PST with additional pricing information.

It's time that Opera Mobile got its due. Long overshadowed by Opera Mini--the light, server-fed browser for Java phones--Opera Mobile is a robust browser built on Web standards (and written with C and C++) that's known for delivering a full Web experience to Windows Mobile and Symbian phones.

Yet even though Opera Mobile has made good as a much closer approximation of the desktop Internet experience, it traditionally hasn't received the same developmental attention as Opera Mini. With Opera Mobile 9.5 beta, … Read more

Featured Freeware: GreenPrint World

GreenPrint World is a free Windows utility that helps eliminate wasted pages while printing. Installation takes some time since it requires Visual C++ 2005, which is included if necessary. GreenPrint will also put four new programs into your Windows start-up menu, add a browser helper object for Internet Explorer, and add three printers (GreenPrint PDF, GreenPrint MailPDF, and GreenPrint). During installation, GreenPrint will ask you to select a default printer, but the printer can be easily changed later from the GreenPrint interface.

After installation, you can print from any application to GreenPrint, which will automatically remove pages from your printout … Read more

Zumobi stamps Twitter, Facebook widgets onto the BlackBerry

On Thursday, Seattle-based mobile widgets maker Zumobi announced its graphics-rich application for BlackBerry. Originally developed for Windows Mobile phones, Zumobi's BlackBerry release marks the application's second platform appearance and hearkens a handful of other improvements.

As a widget organizer, Zumobi lets users add 16 "tiles" to the application's home screen. The number keys and pearl are used to navigate among the four quadrants, and then again among each remaining quadrant to arrive at the elected tile.

Each tile, created by partners, independent developers, or users online, serves an ad, ratings scale, forwarding link, and search … Read more

New Review: Typinator

Do you make the same typing mistakes over and over? A lot of people have trouble with certain words, and even though they know the correct spelling, just can't seem to train themselves to type those words correctly.

Typinator for Mac automatically corrects your most often-made mistakes, and works system-wide so you'll never have to worry about those pesky words again. What's more, Typinator can autofill e-mail addresses and other frequently used phrases using user-designated abbreviations.

Check out our new review of Typinator to see why it just might be the time-saving typing tool you've been … Read more

FormatFactory churns out conversions

Whether you're looking to change a video format to save space or because you lack a necessary codec, the freeware FormatFactory is likely to be the last converter you'll need. It's not perfect, but it handles 12 types of video formats, six audio types, eight image formats, and DVD/ISO conversions with speed and accuracy.

The interface is simple and utilitarian, although spiked with format-icons and a big banner announcing the program's name for no reason other than to put lipstick on the pig. The left nav holds collapsible links to the various formats you can … Read more

First Look video: Shazam for iPhone

Can't get a song out of your head and don't know what it's called? There are two good applications for iPhone that will fetch song titles and artists when curiosity begins to gnaw.

Shazam for iPhone (see video) grabs song, title, and album information after 30 seconds of listening to a recording. If YouTube videos are available, you'll be able to download them in a click from the results page. When or if you're ready to buy, the application also integrates with the iTunes music store, which will gladly bill your account for the song.… Read more

Check your spelling in Firefox, IE

Some people seem to think they have carte blanche to spell any which way they want to when they're on the Internet. But whether you're writing Web mail or IMs, filling out a Web form, or just entering a term in Google's search box, spelling matters.

And that's not just because an abundance of spelling errors can make people think you're an eighth grade dropout. (Nothing against eighth grade dropouts!) It's also because misspellings can prevent you from finding the information you're searching for and lead to e-mail miscommunication.

Firefox 2 and 3 … Read more

Featured Freeware: Web Photo Album

Web Photo Album is a simple free album creator offering a wide range of nice--if sometimes cheesy--templates.

A clean interface layout makes it easy to find the pictures you want and quickly create a simple album. A row of big, easy-to-read buttons from which to navigate cap off the user interface, with a convenient left-side tree for folder selection and gallery creation. Web Photo Album offers basic editing functions like red-eye removal and picture rotation, and you can add captions to each picture. The finished product comes out as a page of thumbnails, and once you click on a picture, … Read more

Introducing the new 'nerd whistle'

I picked up the iPhone 3G yesterday. Maybe "picked up" is a little too light and airy for what happened--it's more like I slogged through a 3-hour line along with several other iPhone fans with waning patience and sore feet, dying to get their hands on Apple's latest device. However, it's important to note that, despite the long wait time, once I got into the store it was an excellent experience. Each customer was escorted through the setup and sign-up process by their very own friendly Apple representative. Mine was named Alan. Alan was a … Read more

TuneUp Companion cleans up iTunes

I use iTunes on both my Mac and Windows machines here at work. On my Windows box, it's not quite as smooth and takes up a few too many resources, but I still run it to listen to music from other users on my network. On my Mac, it couldn't be better, but I've found that the biggest problem I have with iTunes is not with the program itself.

In fact, even though it's mostly my fault, my music library is what gives me the most trouble. Like most people, I've gotten my music from … Read more