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ACDSee Photo Manager update improves workflow, makes you a better person

Face it, you know your digital assets are all over the place. You can never find what you're looking for because you're terrible at getting and staying organized, yet you continue to download new bits of software to do everything from import images to processing raw files to editing and archiving photos. The latest update to ACDSee's Pro Photo Manager could help you put an end to that and improve your workflow thanks to a handful of new features.

Version 2.5 announced yesterday (a free upgrade for 2.0 users; $129.99 for everyone else) adds … Read more

Google's new BlackBerry app scores more points than it loses

Current users of Google's Mobile App for BlackBerry will receive an unexpected benefit when upgrading to the latest update to the mobile app: a cleaner home screen.

Announced on Wednesday, the new Google Mobile App for BlackBerry replaces the Mobile Updater package before it, a hub for downloading and updating Google's native BlackBerry apps for news, search, e-mail, and photos that permanently lived on the home screen, along with the separate applications it downloaded and quietly managed.

The new application does away with the extraneous hub by folding its capability to download and update Gmail, Picasa, and so … Read more

iTunes 8 causes Windows Vista problems

Not everyone is rocking to the new iTunes 8 released Tuesday. An informal poll on ZDNet suggests that a problem with the latest edition of the Apple media player is affecting some, but not all, users of the software on Microsoft's Windows Vista. (You can download iTunes 8 for Windows from CNET

Users on an Apple forum reported seeing the so-called blue screen of death (BSOD) on their desktops running Windows Vista with iTunes 8 installed. The BSOD problem occurs shortly after connecting their iPods and iPhones.

A second, more subtle effect is that their CD/DVD drives "disappear."Read more

7 days with Google Chrome

When Google Chrome was released a week ago, I bravely volunteered to use the browser exclusively for the next seven days. That means no Firefox, no IE, no Opera, only Chrome, with no exceptions. I was fully expecting a week of frustrations, incompatibilities, and annoyances. I was ready to criticize all of the fatal flaws that were sure to turn up. I am happy to say that I was wrong. Google Chrome passes the full-time use test with flying colors.

(You can get Chrome from CNET

One of the first things that people notice when they load up … Read more

Featured Freeware: FastStone Photo Resizer

If you're looking for a fast, reliable, and free way to convert many images at once, look no further than FastStone Photo Resizer. From the same folks who publish the excellent Image Viewer, Photo Resizer outputs files in the most popular formats, including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and BMP. Besides its batch-conversion skills, the application also can rename pictures in bulk. This program lacks any sort of fancy image effects, but you can make basic tweaks, including cropping, rotating, resizing, and adjusting certain aspects of an image's color. You'll even find a tool for stamping shots with a … Read more

New Opera beta sports e-mail, feed changes

For right now, the future of Opera--the browsing alternative to the browsing alternative--doesn't look a whole lot different from the present. Keeping in mind that this isn't a stable release, Opera 9.60 beta 1 for Windows and Mac looks to add a few feature tweaks and claims to be faster.

The most intriguing improvement looks to be a "low bandwidth mode" for Opera Mail. In a not-so-subtle attempt to attract users who are concerned about bandwidth restrictions, especially those who use Comcast in the United States for their ISP, this mode offers different things to … Read more

Google grab bag: Chrome skins and Gmail tweaks

Time for our semi-irregular roundup of Google items:

• Gmail Labs has produced three new features that people can try, according to Google's Gmail blog. One is a keyboard shortcut, "G" then "L," that brings people to a list of labels so they can show a specific category of messages. Another is the ability to move the Gmail control elements around on the left-side navigation bar, so users can reorder instant-messaging contacts, labels, and other items to put their preferred controls at the top. Last is the ability to pick your own colors for labels, … Read more

WinZip 12 adds lossless JPEG compression

Although it's ancient in Internet years, WinZip is still up and kicking. Among the various improvements and tweaks, the latest upgrade to Version 12 includes one massive reinvigorating feature: the WinZip folks have figured out how to compress JPEGs without sacrificing image quality.

The details on exactly how this is done remain a secret for now, although WinZip has promised to open up its compression algorithms as they've done in the past. On the user end of things, this means that ZIP files containing JPEGs will be more than just bundles of your photos--the archives will actually be … Read more

Atmosphir blends Lego, 'Super Mario' for DIY platforming

Atmosphir is a software-based game building tool for PC and Mac users that lets users put together their own gaming levels. Like many consumer-facing game creators you're only limited by the tools that have been given to you. In this case the tools provided are split up into packages of "blocks" that are both interchangeable and feature simple gameplay devices like moving platforms, and various themed texture elements that let you build worlds with grass, dirt, and sand.

The builder actually reminders me a lot of Cubescape, a product I looked at back in May. In Atmosphir'… Read more

Top Fantasy Football downloads

With the NFL season under way many football fans are just getting started with another great season of Fantasy Football. If you're a Fantasy sports fan, you've probably already mapped out who your favorites are at each position and right now you're hoping your picks will reap big rewards as the numbers start rolling in. If you're looking to join a late-starting league, you know that every pick counts and any help with organizing your team is what could push you to the top of your league.

Here at CNET Downloads we know that being successful … Read more