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Apple: One million iPhones sold, 10 million App Store downloads in first weekend

Despite the outages, shortages, and related hand-wringing associated with last Friday's iPhone 3G launch and Thursday's release of the iPhone 2.0 firmware, Apple says there were nevertheless 10 million downloads from its new App Store in its first weekend of existence.

And those long lines? A total of one million iPhone 3G units were sold. The millionth phone was sold on Sunday.

"The App Store is a grand slam, with a staggering 10 million applications downloaded in just three days," Apple overlord Steve Jobs said in a release Monday. "Developers have created some extraordinary … Read more

Featured Freeware: Jing Project

The team behind the screen-recording utility Camtasia have released a simplified, experimental version of the technology, packaged into a nice downloadable application for Windows and Mac called the Jing Project.

Jing makes it very easy to grab screenshots and videos straight from your PC, and then save them or share them on the Web. The coolest part of this experiment--in theory--is Jing's integration with, a hosting service for videos recorded off your computer. Once you've recorded a video, you can save it to your Screencast account, and from there you can get an embed code to … Read more

First Look video: LimeWire for Mac

LimeWire has spent a long time at the top of our Most Popular list for good reason--it's easy to use and gets the results people want. Though there is a certain amount of controversy surrounding file sharing, there are plenty of legal files that you can get through LimeWire. Once downloaded, you can even preview audio files with LimeWire's included media player.

Check out this First Look with Jason Parker from to get the lowdown on this extremely popular app for Mac.

Featured Freeware: Growl

When you're working on your Mac, sometimes things happen in the background that you would like to keep track of while working in another application. Growl works with hundreds of popular Mac apps to notify you of specific tasks like when a download is complete or when your CD-burning project is finished.

For example, it will tell you in Adium when a friend comes online while you're working on something entirely different, and it can notify you when your EOD backup is done.

We like having control over what gets a Growl notification, and the ability to choose … Read more

Insider Secrets: Best free security apps

You don't have to pay a cent to keep your computer secure against the bad guys. Watch this discussion on best practices and best apps between CNET TV's Tom Merritt and's Seth Rosenblatt. When you're done, head on over to our Security Starter Kit to check out must-haves for both newbies and power users.

Hands-on: iTunes Remote App

We've had a few minutes to play with the Remote App (download) for the iPhone. The (not surprising) verdict? It's an easy must-have for any iPhone or iPod Touch owner who enjoys listening to music at home.

Once you've upgraded your iPhone (or Touch) to version 2.0, just go to the App Store and search on "remote." (Amazingly, that--not "iRemote"--is the program's official name.) You can download it straight to the phone over a Wi-Fi connection (tap the word "free" on the upper right corner), and it auto-installs, adding a new icon to your home screen. … Read more

Apple launches new iTunes with App Store

Apple has launched the latest version of its iTunes Store a day earlier than anticipated.

iTunes version 7.7, available now for Windows and Mac, includes the App Store, a method for delivering third-party iPhone applications.

The download appears to have some quirks: for this user, the version number remained at 7.6.2, and no direct link to the App Store was available, but it could still be reached by linking here.

The newest version of the iPhone is due out Friday. The App Store will be preinstalled on the new iPhone 3G, but it will also be available … Read more

Encrypt an operating system using TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt has been the standard for file and folder encryption since 2004, and it doesn't hurt that it's open-source freeware, either. The latest update includes the power to do more than protect the mere output of your work: you can now encrypt and hide an entire operating system using the program's wizard.

As the step-by-step guide points out when you start it, one of the reasons you might want to create a hidden OS is in case of extortion. A little paranoia doesn't hurt, either. So, when you create the hidden OS, it also creates signposts … Read more

Featured Freeware: JAlbum

JAlbum for Windows and Mac users is a long-time favorite free Web album generator. There's no wizard to direct you through the process, but a quick look through the menus will be enough to get you started creating image collections online.

To begin, specify the original image folder, set the album-destination folder, select the images, and generate the album--it's really not more complicated than that. Using the integrated FTP client, you can upload your album to your Web site or you can use the integrated Web server to serve your album from your computer. The JAlbum site also … Read more

Dashboard download for Mac: Organized

I have to admit that I don't use Apple's Dashboard widgets very often. Though I know there are several useful widgets available I think it might be that, in my business, I often search for a stand-alone solution to whatever the particular problem might be before thinking of Widgets. In other words, I think it's mostly just habit that I moved away from the Dashboard. But I came across an excellent free widget today that just might make me spend more time with widgets.

Organized, from is a handy and elegant calendar widget which helps … Read more