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Boxee adds support for Hulu, CBS video

On Monday Boxee, the Mac, Linux, and Apple TV-only Xbox Media Center derivative, announced the immediate support of video programming from Hulu and CBS. Users are now able to access the entirety both services catalogs of movies and TV shows through Boxee's interface. I spent the greater part of last night giving it a spin and while not perfect, it's off to a tremendous start.

Unlike some of the streaming solutions I've seen on other platforms, like the unofficial Netflix Watch Instantly for Windows Media Center plug-in, the beauty of Boxee's solution is that any semblance … Read more

Featured Freeware: ChunkIt

When Google, Yahoo, or any other major search engine overwhelms you with so many matches it offers more results than dollars in the national debt, ChunkIt might be the plug-in for you. Available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, it "chunks" up your search returns, providing snippets of relevant text.

The add-on splits your browser tab into two vertical sections, the left side with the ChunkIt results and the right with unchunked returns. Clicking on the text of a ChunkIt result loads the text in the right pane, highlights the relevant bit in yellow, and scrolls directly to it. … Read more

TuneUp Companion intros Mac beta

TuneUp Companion has been getting a lot of attention for their iTunes plug-in for Windows, and now they're trying to drum up interest in the Mac version.

Basically, the plug-in powers up cover art discovery while cleaning up metatags, automatically discovering contextually-related Web content, and sniffs out upcoming concert information. I haven't yet had a chance to check out the Mac version yet, but keep in mind that it's a beta and there is likely some serious debugging needed.

In fact, the bugs aren't likely--they definitely exist. In the words TuneUp's media relations guru Andrew … Read more

iPhone apps of the week

Last week I asked readers if they had the same iPhone app update problem I have, and it's good to hear I'm not the only one. I found one method in the comments that seems to work, but it forces you to make a tough decision. Of course, you should only try this if all other update attempts through the usual methods have been unsuccessful.

To get rid of a stubborn program's update notification, you need to delete the app from your iPhone and download it again using the app store on your iPhone or from the … Read more

Insider Secrets: Secure your e-mail

In this how-to video from CNET TV Editor Tom Merritt, you'll learn about the importance of PGP, why you don't have to pay for it, and how to go about setting it up. He also uses the must-have Mozilla Thunderbird extension Enigmail to get you there. You can download Thunderbird for Windows and Mac, although Tom demonstrates on a Mac.

You know I'm using it. Well, you probably don't know I'm using it, since by using it my e-mail's encrypted and you shouldn't be able to tell what I e-mail about. But you … Read more

Flock 2.0 out of beta: Gets current Mozilla engine, MySpace support, more

Flock is the browser for people who love features but hate plug-ins and extensions. There's very little you can do in the product that you can't also do by layering extensions to your Firefox installation, but in Flock they're all preconfigured and integrated into the browsing experience. With the latest 2.0 release of the product, Flock now gets the current Mozilla engine (the same one in Firefox 3) as well as a few additional media and social net integration features.

Get Flock from Windows | Mac

I was a big fan of Flock 1 before … Read more

New Firefox beta even faster than FF3

Mozilla fans can now play with the anticipated speedier JavaScript engine in the first beta for Firefox 3.1, as well as explore improvements to the Smart Location Bar and a slick interface for hotkey tab switching. Now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, the new JavaScript engine, called TraceMonkey, is not turned on by default.

To activate it, type "about:config" into the Smart Bar, then type "javascript.options.jit.content" into the filter. Double-click on the preference listed to change the boolean setting from "false" to "true." Close the … Read more

OpenOffice 3: Faster, uninspired interface

Demand for 3 has been so high on its first day of out of beta that the official Web site crashed.

In the meantime, users can also download it for Windows and Mac from, and there are a couple of torrents being shared as well on the usual big-name trackers.

After using OpenOffice's MS Word analog, Writer, all day, I can confirm that this update is worth it for the improvement in response and load times, if nothing else. The installation is still enormous, with an installer about 130MB for Windows users and 160MB for … Read more

iPhone apps of the week

Before I unveil this week's iPhone apps, I wanted to see if anyone else had the same iPhone problem I have. I keep having this issue with iPhone app updates that won't finish downloading and demand that I connect to iTunes to finish the update. But even when connected to iTunes, not all of the apps update and I'm left with that number on my home screen saying I need to update when I've done everything I can to complete the process. I also get some update notices dated before I downloaded the app, which clearly … Read more

OpenOffice's 3.0 release temporarily closes site

If you go to OpenOffice's Web site right now, you will be greeted with this:

Apologies - our website is struggling to cope with the unprecedented demand for the new release 3.0 of The technical teams are trying to come up with a solution.

Fortunately, however, you will also find links to download the latest version of the well-known, well-loved, and open-source suite, the alternative to the notoriously overpriced Microsoft Office.

After a lengthy development time, the company finally released its new 3.0 version of the software suite on Monday, and the download … Read more