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Extend Google Calendar with these Firefox add-ons

Google Calendar has quickly become one of my favorite online tools. I can schedule meetings quickly and it integrates seamlessly into my workflow. It's a great service.

But I want more from it.

That's why I've been sifting through Mozilla's Firefox extension database trying to find some add-ons that take Google Calendar to the next level. Whether they enhance its usability or just improve its effectiveness, there are a handful of extensions that work quite well.

Google Calendar extensions

Better GCal After I installed Better GCal, I was extremely impressed by what it offered. From a new skin to little extras like week numbers and collapsible headers, it makes Google Calendar just a little better. The extension not only made me more organized, but the calendar became far more readable.

GCal Popup GCal Popup is a really neat idea. Instead of forcing you to open a new tab to add an event to your Google Calendar, you'll only need to open the extension and it will display your Google Calendar over your current Web page. Input the event you want to add to your calendar and once you're done, you can close the extension and go back to work.

GCal Popup is designed to make it convenient to add events to your Calendar and it succeeds. But beware that it's an "experimental" extension, so it might cause some instability issues. That said, I haven't experienced any such problems.… Read more

BlackBerry Desktop coming to the Mac

At long last, Research In Motion is bringing its BlackBerry Desktop software to Mac OS X.

In a blog post on Monday, RIM announced that a version of its smartphones' desktop software will be released this September for Apple computers.

According to the smartphone maker, users will be able to sync their iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from their Mac. They will also have the option of adding applications, updating the BlackBerry when new software is made available, and managing multiple handsets on their Apple computers.

Although users will be excited to know BlackBerry software is finally coming … Read more

Google flies you to the moon

Google Earth can now take you to the moon.

Timed with the 40th anniversary of the first moon walk, the Internet giant on Monday released an addition to its Google Earth mapping software to provide images of moon landscapes and traces of human exploration there.

Called the Moon in Google Earth and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the software allows you to see topographical features on our closest celestial neighbor with the lunar equivalent of Google Street View. People can also see a gallery of the Apollo space missions and get information on every robotic spacecraft that has visited … Read more

Mac Office gets service pack update

Microsoft is releasing the second service pack update to Office 2008 for Mac, the company said Monday.

The free update, which is expected to be available later on Monday from Microsoft's Web site, is designed to improve speed and stability as well as add new features for connecting to SharePoint servers and to Microsoft's Office Live Workspaces.

"With SP2 we are not only delivering on top customer requests midcycle, but also taking a first step in bringing Microsoft software plus services to Mac users," senior product manager Mike Tedesco said in a statement. "This connection … Read more

Dig for treasure and manage a busy harbor: iPhone apps of the week

I just wrote about Baseball Slugger 3D earlier this week because it went on sale, but seriously, if you like baseball at all, this home-run derby game is worthy of the regular price of $2.99. I started playing last night using the online matchup system and didn't stop playing for over an hour. Not only is hitting home runs really satisfying, but when you play and lose against someone, you can always go for a rematch, which leads to another rematch...and so on. Then, if you really think a particular opponent is a good competitive match, you … Read more

Opera updates beta, but Unite still separate

Opera 10 continues to chug along, and the beta build of the browser has updated for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The publisher has declined to put its proprietary Web server service, Unite, in the build, indicating that it's not yet ready for beta consideration. Still, the enormous number of fixes to the Opera 10 beta should make many fans happy.

Several of the visual tweaks include an icon for when Opera Turbo is activated, a "Synchronize Opera" button on the Speed Dial page, and inverted tab icons for panels viewed as tabs. The Opera Wand has been … Read more

Mozilla closes security hole with Firefox 3.5.1

Mozilla updated Firefox to version 3.5.1 for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Thursday, fixing a security problem, improving stability, and speeding launch time on some Windows systems, according to the release notes.

"We strongly recommend that all Firefox 3.5 users upgrade to this latest release," browser director Mike Beltzner said in a blog post Thursday.

Firefox 3.5 embodies Mozilla's hope to build a better foundation for Web applications, but about two weeks after its debut, a vulnerability in the browser's JavaScript engine came to light. Mozilla rated it "critical" because … Read more

ScheduleOnce sneaks into Google Calendar

ScheduleOnce, the service that helps multiple users find the best time to have a meeting, has new(ish) tool that lets users access its service without leaving the Google Calendar interface.

Using it requires installing a small add-on that currently works only in Firefox and IE with IE7Pro installed. Users then get a new ScehduleOnce menu in the left side of Calendar, either through Google Apps, or in the public version of Google Calendar. The control widget lets them see a list of meetings they have scheduled, along with the option to create a new one as if they were … Read more

Apple breaks up Palm Pre-iTunes lovefest

This post was updated at 2:56 p.m. PDT with a comment from Palm.

Oh dear. We can't say this was a complete surprise, but it looks like Apple made good on its earlier warning and put an end to the Palm Pre-iTunes synchronization with the release of iTunes 8.2.1.

In the release notes, Apple states that "iTunes 8.2.1 provides a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices." Not wanting to believe the news, we bit the bullet and downloaded the latest version of Apple's music software to our PCRead more

Home run derby game for iPhone goes on sale

I usually write about iPhone apps at the end of the week, but today (and only today) there is a sale on a game that is too good to pass up. In celebration of the MLB home-run derby and all-star game this week, developer's Com2uS have decided to have a 1-day sale on their extremely popular game Baseball Slugger 3D (usually $2.99). You can get the game today for only 99 cents and, after having played the game, I can tell you it is definitely more than worth the money.

I had initially passed over this title because … Read more