Cloud Storage

Never again will you be confined to a desktop or laptop. Thanks to a variety of free storage services, you can now access your files from any Web-connected device. Access your files in the cloud with these top Internet drives.

  • Dropbox

    CNET Editors' ChoiceAug 13


    Dropbox is an online storage service that seamlessly syncs your files across all devices, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Not only can you store and upload just about any file type on Dropbox, but you can also perform direct editing so you don't have to constantly "re-download" things like documents just to make changes. Dropbox for Android also supports automatic photo uploads to the cloud so you never have to worry about losing those precious memories.

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  • Google Drive

    CNET Editors' ChoiceDec 17

    Google Drive

    Drive is Google's own response to Dropbox--an integrated service that not only syncs your Google Docs and Spreadsheets across the cloud, but now also supports file management on the go. You can also share files with other collaborators, or simply through e-mail, as well.

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