The camera keeps getting better on the iPad. Check out these apps for creating, editing, and sharing your images. They're great for the budding photographer and even the casual professional.

  • Snapseed


    Originally a paid app for the iPhone, Snapseed is now free and available on the iPad. One of the best features of this app is the scroll and swipe system that lets users quickly switch between basic adjustments and effects. In addition, it also lets users quickly compare edited photos with originals. The result is a clean, uber-minimal interface that requires very little jumping between menus and screens.

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  • iPhoto


    iPhoto is the must-have, on-the-go editing tool for any photo enthusiast using the iPad. Taking advantage of multitouch editing, iPhoto lets you make corrections to your images on the fly with professional-quality effects. Print and share your creative work by posting directly to Facebook, or use Airplay to stream it to your Apple TV.

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