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Quickoffice Mobile Suite

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite ($9.99) continues to play leap frog with its rival, Documents to Go ($9.99). At the time of writing, Quickoffice gets the edge for it special introductory price of $4.99, but that's not likely to last long. Also, this app continues to offer the more logical interface.

That said, if you need to edit and generate PowerPoint presentations (albeit with limited tools) Documents To Go Premium ($14.99) gets the upper hand.

Vlingo Voice App for iPhone

Vlingo (free) is one of the better voice search engines for mobile phones. Speak into the phone to search Google or Yahoo, to dial a contact, find a spot on a map, and update your status on Twitter and Facebook. And yes, you'll be able to edit status updates before you send them, in case Vlingo didn't get it right.

What's more is that the latest version of Vlingo includes the ability to speak SMS and email, though these features are add-ons that don't come free.

Pageonce Personal Finance

Although more a record-keeper than a true assistant, Pageonce's ad-supported A Personal Assistant is a dashboard for all your online accounts. After adding an impressive array of social, financial, productive, and shopping services, you can view a history of purchases, transactions, and communications, as well as your travel itineraries, Netflix queue, and stock statuses. To help keep data secure, Pageonce has 256-bit encryption and settings to determine how passwords are saved, to limit data to just your iPhone, and to disable your mobile account if you lose your phone. There's also a pro version with greater security and feature enhancements.

Todo 6 (for devices that cannot upgrade to version 8)

    Not yet rated

The iTunes App Store is glutted with to-do lists and time managers, but many are so simple they're ineffective. Appigo's Todo ($4.99) has the highest price of its cohort, but is also more complete than the budget offerings. Unlike other to-do lists, you can have Todo assign a due date and priority ranking; it will winningly associate tasks with mobile numbers and Web sites. You can further synchronize your lists with your pro Remember the Milk account and with Toodledo, both Web-based task organizers. The addition of push notification and optional e-mail alerts imparts a valuable mechanism for following-through.

A free, Lite app is also available.

LogMeIn Ignition

Here's one aimed at the business set. Need to do work on your computer or laptop when you're out of the office? Boom--done. LogMeIn Ignition makes itself a useful key to desperate professionals, but beware: at $19.99, it's on the high end of the iPhone price scale and your remote computer needs to be logged on for it to work.