There are countless apps to help you create, record, publish, and share music, but let's be honest: most of us just want to rip, burn, convert, and play. Rock on.

  • Apple iTunes

    Apple iTunes

    If you've got any stake in the Apple iEcosytem (iPod, iPad, iPhone, iPsychologist), you pretty much have to have the Windows version of iTunes. Yes, it's bloated, and yes, you still have to install QuickTime with it, but it's not as bad as the doomsayers claim. Two big bonus points: automatically streaming of all other iTunes libraries on the same network, and some of the speediest "to MP3" conversions we've seen.

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  • Foobar2000


    If you're not a part of the Apple iEcosystem, our pick for best music player is the open-source option Foobar 2000. It's not the prettiest bird in the flock, but it does everything most users need--play multiple formats, manage a digital library, and sync with portable devices. And it runs lightly, smoothly, and with a host of customizable options like hotkeys and user-created plugins. Burn, rip, convert ... $foo! Read full review