No. 1: Barcode Scanner

No. 1: Barcode Scanner
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A good starting point for anyone with a new Android device is an app that can make downloading other apps super simple. A bar code scanner fits this bill, and it offers some additional features. Of the many available for Android, we like the simply named Barcode Scanner as a starting place for newbies. With it, you're at the liberty to scan QR codes to download Android apps, add a contact to your phone, or jump to a Web link--indeed, QR codes can contain a wealth of useful info

The scanner also reads retail bar codes, triggering a Google search for whichever product comes up. Though Barcode Scanner isn't as precise as other shopping apps that follow up their scan with a database search on where to find the item, it does its duty as a simple, multipurpose scanning app.

December 15, 2010 5:37 PM PST

Photo by: Screenshots by Jasmine France


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