No. 4: Yelp

No. 4: Yelp
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If you're into food, you're probably already aware of Yelp, a site most widely known for its restaurant reviewing feature. Users can rate and comment on eating establishments as well as browse others' input. Of course, any business at all is fair game for review, from cobblers to gas stations to property management companies.

Yelp's Android app does an admirable job of cramming in nearly all the features of the Web site, as well as some extras that take advantage of the mobile platform. You can view business hours and photos, read and draft reviews, and see who's checked in where. You can also take photos from within the app and add them to a business's page, as well as "check in" to any establishment.

But perhaps the most useful feature of the app is the GPS and mapping functionality. Yelp makes full use of Android's location technology to help you locate eateries and other useful businesses near you. This app is a must have for anyone who travels frequently, likes good food, or wants to find quality businesses.

December 15, 2010 5:37 PM PST

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