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ConnecToo is a slightly different twist on the standard puzzle games that are a dime a dozen in the Android Market. This addictive, time-passer combines colorful connections and mazelike qualities to keep you thinking.

The object is to make pathways between the two anchors on the screen: green to green, blue-to-blue, and so on. Sounds simple enough, right? The catch is that you can't cross paths, and the game also throws in blocks in some levels for good measure. Oh, and you're competing against the clock. If that runs out, you lose one of your three lives.

The game is equal parts fun and challenging, presenting a nice balance of puzzles that are neither frustrating nor boring. Our one complaint is that the screen would sometimes not register a touch on the path, causing progress to be lost (though, to be fair, this could be the fault of our device).

ConnecToo is available in two varieties: a free model that's supported by unobtrusive banner ads and a 95-cent paid version that's ad-free.

Get the QR code for ConnecToo (free) here.

December 22, 2010 3:30 PM PST

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