Who Has the Biggest Brain?

Who Has the Biggest Brain?
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With 30 million Facebook users, Playfish, a San Francisco-based purveyor of casual games, has something to say for itself. Chief Operating Officer Sebastien de Halleux hopes that Android users will buy the company's first Android game for 99 cents and begin playing with Android and Facebook friends. The first release, entitled "Who has the biggest brain?," lets you pick from twelve 60-second brain-teasing games.

EA's mobile division announced a collection of games that will be available for Android 1.5. Branded titles and Hasbro board games like Tetris, Spore, Monopoly, and The Sims will soon join Bejeweled in the Android Market.

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May 28, 2009 3:28 PM PDT

Photo by: Playfish

| Caption by: Jessica Dolcourt


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