Never enough add-ons

Never enough add-ons
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Can't get enough Firefox add-ons? Neither can we. As long as developers keep making them, we'll keep singling out the ones we deem worthy, such as these classics. Here are nine new favorites we enjoy.

Select-n-go by Cleeki

Cleeki's Select-n-Go add-on for Firefox isn't the only application to hand-deliver a myriad search results when you highlight a word on a Web page, without making you leave the page. It's not even the best-looking. But it is easy, has a full feature set that includes playing videos right on your screen, sharing your findings with friends, and it's equipped with enough customization options to keep most people happy.

April 15, 2009 5:14 PM PDT

Photo by: CNET/Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt

| Caption by: Jessica Dolcourt


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